Month: July 2020

July Box: Bangle Measurements

On Instagram we recently polled whether our audience would be interested in reading a blog on our website and the vast majority of you said yes! So I am so excited to announce that Kundan Box will now be a part of the blogsphere.

Hi Everyone,

For our first blog post we thought it would be fitting to have a mini tutorial on how to figure out your bangle size, as the July box has a set of 3 bangles. And we received tons of DMs asking how to find yoru bangle size. There are a few different options so we will quickly go through three of them.

  1. Bangle Box
  2. Measure a Bangle
  3. Measure wrist

Bangle Box: The first option is the easiest, and it is simply finding the sticker that is on a bangle box that you already own. Although they are known for notoriously falling off, sometimes you can get lucky save yourself some trouble.

Measuring a Bangle: This option is the second easiest. It consists of cutting a thread to the size of your bangle and measuring the length. Then taking those measurements (in inches) and finding the corresponding bangle size in the chart below. You can also skip the thread and measure the bangle using a measuring tape (2 birds 1 stone!)

Measuring Wrist: The last resort is easy if you have someone helping you, but as in the option above, instead of taking the circumference of your bangle, you are taking it of your wrist. Be sure there is plenty of slack. A trick is to measure the largest area of your wrist. To do so you put place your hands palms facing up. Bring your thumb to your ring finger or pinky and measure around your thumb joint, again giving some slack. Once you have your measurement (in inches), find the corresponding bangle size in the chart below.

Option 3
Bangle Size Chart

Hope this helps, if you have any questions feel free to send us a dm @kundanbox on Instagram or email us at

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